Spanish Visa for non EU Countries

Spanish Visa for non EU Countries

Written by Anne Hernandez of BREXPATS IN SPAIN

Spanish Visa for the UK Nationals

‘It doesn’t affect you so why do you bother?’ I am frequently asked.

I bother because I don’t like to think of my fellow Brits, in their nativity, being led up the garden path into spending their hard earned money on something that will serve no purpose or will certainly not suit their needs.

I am talking about the misinformation being readily taken onboard by the Swallows – those second home owners and those who want to come here for more than the permitted 90 days in any 180 days.

I can fully understand they feel miffed to realise that the Schengen area imposes this rule but please stop saying it is Spain’s fault.

Yes, you have invested here in Spanish property, yes the country appreciates that.

Yes, Spain opened its borders to allow you all in without question but the UK put the mockers on that by putting Spain on the amber list, imposing the costly tests to return and also insisting on the 10 days isolation of those returning.

And for those Swallows who are often telling me ‘but I didn’t vote for this’, I am afraid to say that you did!

You voted exactly for this and all those other Brexit ‘benefits’.

So, before I continue, ask yourselves if it really is Spain’s fault.

If you are still interested then read on and I shall explain the options.

The first and very important fact to get through to you is that there is no special visa for those who just want to extend their leisure time here beyond the 90 days.

There is a visa for special circumstances to permit you to stay longer but only in exceptional circumstances – illness, pregnancy etc.

There are different visas but you will need to prove adequate funds to support yourself.

For example private Spanish medical insurance with no copayments, criminal records, doctor report to prove you are not bringing in any contagious diseases.

Completed application forms, pay the fees and comply with any other stipulations pertaining to the type of visa you are applying for from the Spanish Consulate in the UK.

And of course comply with whatever restrictions are attached to each different visa.

For example, the time you are allowed to be away from Spain, taxation etc.

  1. Golden Visa if investing more than €500,000 in one name in a property/properties without a mortgage and it comes with permission to work.
  2. Non-lucrative Visa is a residence visa sometimes called the retirement visa because it will give entitlement to live legally in Spain but not to work.
  3. Student Visa is essential if you are going to study in Spain but you must prove enrolment at an official Spanish academic institution or recognised private school
  4. Work Visa but unless self employed (see business visa) a Spanish company must sponsor you and be willing to employ you with a work contract.

As a 3rd country national now, the company must prove that no Spanish national or EU citizen wanted or was suitable for the job.

Gone are the days when you could pop over for the summer season and work in a bar or touting timeshare in the holiday resorts!

5. Business Visa – this would be as a self employed person and requires a detailed and credible business plan.

Living in Spain

Before Brexit, as an EU citizen it was our right to come here to live, now we have to ask for permission from Spain to do so.

That is a huge difference and your application might not be approved so don’t plan on booking any flights or finding accommodation before you get that visa stamp in your passport.

Wait until you receive the final approval letter from the Spanish consulate.

And then come here but know that you must apply for the TIE, some seem to think that the stamp in the passport is their residencia, it is not.

For example, the NLV is valid for just 3 months and I have heard of some who are either not told or do not understand that they must apply for their TIE within that time from Spain.

I have said it before but this visa and your TIE is important to you if you want to live here so instead of trying to cut corners and get a neighbour who happens to speak Spanish to help please use recommended professionals to assist you with submissions of documentation.

We have those professionals if you need help.

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